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The parallels between elite sport and business have never been so clear. With the increased pressure of expectation, targets and statistical analysis of performance, boardroom executives now experience the same demands as their sporting counterparts.

Unica Performance's work in elite sporting environments provides a powerful and objective insight for business performers providing a new and insightful reference point. 

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Athletes at every level are faced with many challenges, both physical and technical. Each day athletes work hard to improve their skills. However, in order to reach their ultimate potential, particularly at the elite level of sports, complete psychological preparation is critical to success.

Our sports psychology program is developed to suit your specific needs. 

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Doing Good


At Unica Performance, we have developed our programs around a unique system of integrating your tailored performance program with a community project that will encompass helping others.

We think that ‘Giving Back’ by reaching out to the community is one of the essential elements of a high performance environment.

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UNICA Performance for you


Unica Performance is a company specialising in performance improvement and helping you achieve unprecedented results. We help organisations achieve results that require a change in human behaviour. We have the resources and ability to work on a higher level. It’s our focus on quality, not quanity , that makes us outstanding.

The Proof : Quality Accreditation, Case Studies, Testimonials, Results

We’ve the knowledge to understand what you need, the expertise to deliver excellent results, and the clarity of vision to see what lies ahead.

Our expertise are in the following areas:

Developing High Performing Teams & Individuals

Producing results to impact both short and long-term success

Leadership Development

Managing Change

Build High Trust Environments

At Unica Performance we are very passionate about keeping our clients at the fore front of new cutting edge research that will enable them to perform at an elite level and achieve outstanding results. We are constantly looking for new and insightful data that focuses on driving performance to new levels.

Over the last decade we have carried out research with some of the worlds highest performing organisations, teams and individuals. We use this research to gain a unique insight into the common performance fundamentals that are enabling these organisations and teams to achieve unprecedented performance levels on a consistent basis.

From this research we developed a unique set of fundamentals that are today at the heart of the Unica performance model, and which we use in our work helping organisations to perform better.