Unica Performance's work in elite sporting environments provides a powerful and objective insight for business performers providing a new and insightful reference point.

At Unica Performance, our strength lies in getting to the core root of the issues that are holding back our clients from achieving their targets and working closing with them to understand performance pressures that they are experiences and also uncover issues that are hampering their performance.

At Unica Performance we have a unique personalised approach where we build strong relationships with our clients and make certain that strong trust and rapport is built. This is a must in order to enable our clients to be successful and achieve high performing targets.

We work with our clients to create a unique tailor-made performance framework that will guarantee performance improvement and achievement of results.


Performance Blueprint


Step 1 - Carry out client Research Audit Diagnostic

The first phase of designing our performance framework is to carry out a Research Audit Diagnostic with our clients. This audit phase involves a full appraisal of the teams and to scope out the project. We carry out one to one interviews with management and team members to collect specific information in relation to the current performance environment, the challenges the teams are facing and also to uncover issues that may be holding the teams and individuals back from achieving high performing results.

We complete a situational analysis and identify performance improvement opportunities and key enablers that will improve the client’s performance. An audit output report is presented with best practice recommendations for an improved performance solution. We work with our clients to agree on an implementation plan.

This RAD is based on over a decade of unique research carried out by the Unica team while working within many high performing teams and environments. 

Unica Performance Program


Step 2 - Designing and Delivering our Unica Performance Program

We work with our clients to deliver our tailor-made Performance Programs that have a high impact in a short space of time. The programs are results driven and are specifically focused on achieving team and company goals. We use the important data collected from our RAD to ensure we are relating to specific needs of the client. We also infuse our unique set of fundamental attributes and behaviours into the program that we have proven through previous results that are necessary for success.

Some of the results that our Performance Programs help our clients to work towards are:


  • One to One performance coaching to develop clear and sustainable plans to ensure you meet your targets
  • Develop leadership behaviours and enable leaders to develop teams and pipeline talent
  • Uncover the root cause of problems affecting your performance and build confidence to perform at a high level


  • Develop High Performing Teams
  • Leadership Development
  • Enable leaders to sustain High Performance
  • Build Trust within Team
  • High Engagement
  • Develop an Accountability Framework
  • Deal with Change and Transition in a positive way


  • Develop sustainable High Performance Improvement Program
  • Execute for Results
  • Deal effectively with Change Management – Staff Transition
  • Build Business Effectiveness
  • Assist in Talent Development and Retention

Sustainability Plan


Step 3 – Create our Sustainability Plan

The Unica Performance programs are focused on long-term behavioural change versus a short-term spike in performance. We work with our clients to create a sustainable plan that will enable the team management to continue to implement the High Performance Program and ensure continuous performance improvement. We work with our clients to create awareness around their team’s performance dynamics and support them on a consistent basis.

We set up review sessions with our clients to track the progress of the High Performance Programs within the organisations, teams and also the individual team member’s performance. We discuss fundamental issues that arise during the program implementation and we assess the results output.

We ensure that a strong relationship is built with the client so that we can continue to support them when needed.

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