Our Approach

Organisations perform at different levels and in a very unique way depending on their strategies, goals, targets and key performance indicators. The cookie cutter approach where one size fits all therefore does not apply to High Performance Coaching. Unica’s performance frameworks are tailor made to the needs of the client to ensure performance improvement and achievement of results.

Our Approach is very personalised where we build a strong relationship with our clients and build a strong rapport that is needed for us to enable our clients to be a High Performing organisation.  Backed by over a decade of High Performance research and results we deliver the ultimate performance programs to achieve outstanding results. We ensure our Performance plan is aligned with our clients key values and principles.

We have the resources and ability to work on a higher level. It’s our focus on quality, not quantity, that makes us outstanding.

The Proof : Quality Accreditation, Case Studies , Testimonials, Results.

We’ve the knowledge to understand what you need, the expertise to deliver excellent results, and the clarity of vision to see what lies ahead.