High Performance Research

At Unica Performance we are very passionate about keeping our clients at the fore front of new cutting edge research that will enable them to perform at an elite level and achieve outstanding results. We are constantly looking for new and insightful data that focuses on driving performance to new levels.

Over the last decade we have carried out research with some of the worlds highest performing organisations, teams and individuals. This research allowed us to gain a unique insight into the common performance fundamentals that are enabling these organisations and teams to achieve unprecedented performance levels on a consistent basis. From the NYPD and FDNY to elite Kenyan runners, we have studied what drives elite performers and how we can help you to replicate that superior performance in your organisation

Our research gets to the core of what drives these organisations and we infuse this knowledge and experience into our High Performance Programs that we deliver within Sport and Business organisations.

We have used this research to develop our unique set of fundamentals that are today at the heart of the Unica Performance model, and which we use in our work helping organisations to perform better. We provide groundbreaking insight into how to achieve outstanding results consistently and also sustain this level of performance.

Some of the high performing organisations and individuals we have researched are as follows: Members of the 2012 Kenyan Olympic team, New Zealand All Blacks, FDNY, NYPD, Human Performance Institute (Florida), Munster Rugby, Usain Bolt, IMG Sports Academy 


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