Known for our impressive record of working with elite sports teams, Unica Performance offers ground-breaking insight into what it takes it achieve your ultimate goal. Coaching and mentoring at the international level has given us an insider’s perspective on dressing room dynamics, which we’ll use to help your team work through issues on and off the sports field.

Our sports psychology program is developed to suit your specific needs. Performance Coaching will allow your athletes and coaches to become mentally tough and get their edge on their competitors and feel prepared for competition and challenges ahead.

Over the past decade we have worked with elite athletes in Ireland and abroad. Our performance coaching methodology and frameworks have taken a strong influence from our unique research on world class sporting organizations such as the All-Blacks rugby team, the Kenyan Olympic athletes, Usain Bolt, the IMG Sports academy and many more. 





Team Performance Results - Dublin Senior Football Team 2011

Team Performance Results - Dublin Senior Football Team 2011

Some of the results that our Performance Programs help our clients to work towards are:

  • Unica provides one-to-one coaching of players and managers on decision making, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, dealing with high pressure situations and overcoming mindsets that hold back athletic performance.
  • We offer team workshops to establish the fundamentals of a high performing environment, establish and communicate a clear set of goals and work on issues that affect success including poor communication between players and management.
  • Training is a great place to see how players perform in a relaxed environment. We attend training sessions to help players identify areas of improvement.
  • We work with teams to execute results buy building alignment on team goals and high standards needed to achieve success
  • Build and leverage relationships throughout the entire panel and seek to share best practices to impact the teams success
  • Teams and managements face huge pressures on competition day. We provide support game day strategy sessions as well as post-match feedback.



Tipperary Hurlers 2010At Unica Performance, we offer Sport specific customised tailor – made programs for professional and armature athletes alike. Lack of confidence, low self-esteem or the wrong mindset often prevents athletes from reaching their full potential and achieving high performance.

We apply Performance Coaching techniques used on top elite athletes to show you how to achieve outstanding results.

Some of the main area’s of focus with athletes are as follows :-

  • Working on a one-to-one basis with you to uncover the root cause of problems affecting your performance.
  • Look at your environment and help you implement changes that will unlock your full potential.
  • Work with you to develop your confidence and self-esteem to ensure high performance 
  • Develop clear and sustainable plans to ensure you meet your targets. 
  • Help you to develop your focus and engagement for the full length of time on competition day
  • Work on emotional intelligence and how to control your emotions on competition day 
  • Dealing with high pressurised environments and ensuring you get the best from your potential during big sporting occasions
  • Helping you work your way back from injury and regaining your strong mindset to achieve high performance

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